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Thursday, November 08, 2007
Fighting aid to overseas abortions: The USCCB has placed this ad, in support of the "Mexico City policy" restricting U.S. support of foreign aid organizations that do abortions, in several Capitol Hill publications.

Well done -- but I note that not a cent of the USCCB's budget went towards this ad: it was all paid for by the Knights of Columbus. So it's no reason to up your contrib to those USCCB "second collections," or even to start giving to them in the first place.

Instead, Catholic gentlemen, join the K of C and buy some insurance from them. I can't promise that your local council will be what you might call intellectually stimulating (unless you're in a major metropolitan area where Knights with nous may perhaps be found). But I assume you have other sources for that, and that you might be interested in supporting an organization that, at the national level, does a heckuva lot of good for the Church and the world.