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Sunday, November 11, 2007
Fred Thompson is through. The linked Novak piece makes it clear that Fred doesn't have a pro-life bone in his body. While I'll take a good faker if I'm convinced he'll keep faking as president, Thompson can't even fake long enough to get the nomination. Kaput. Over. Finito.

Though Fred is still #2 in national GOP polls, this story shows that he's now at the back of the pack in New Hampshire, at 5%, behind Mike Huckabee and He Who Must Not Be Named Lest You Receive Dozens of Canned Comments From Overwrought College Students Who Otherwise Never Visit Your Blog, who are tied at 7% each.

Romney, whom I guess I should now be for but whom I'm having a hard time getting excited about, is at 33% in NH, and Rudy at 21%.