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Wednesday, January 02, 2008
Before the caucusing starts in Iowa tomorrow, and because I've been critical of McCain in my comment boxes here, I want to note that I admire the come-back he has achieved, which has been almost entirely through coffee-shop-by-coffee-shop retail politics.

As far apart as he and Ron Paul are on some issues, I think there's a quality of non-fakery (I'm tired of the word "earnestness" -- Ernest needs a rest) that I think people respond to in both of them. So I'm glad to see McCain leading in some New Hampshire polls, I hope Paul hits double digits, and I wouldn't mind Schmuckabee winning Iowa just because that would hasten Romney dissolving into a pool of polyurethane as his NH operation implodes.

And on the Democrats' side, I agree with Bill Kristol that Hillary needs a setdown; in fact, America needs for Hillary to get a setdown. So Obama really did want to be president when he was five, and said so in an essay in kindergarten in Indonesia? Wow, man, Hillary really thought she had him nailed on that one! Actually, what the incident tells me is:

* Hillary, in classic Clinton fashion, employs private detectives for state-of-the-art oppo research;
* Obama went to an awfully good school, if they were writing essays on personal ambition in kindergarten, I mean my gosh;
* In Indonesia? My, he may actually have the international resume others would like to brag about.

So I wish the Dems an Obamalamadingdong tomorrow.