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Friday, January 18, 2008

I love that picture! (Hat-tip: Catholics for Ron Paul)

Meanwhile, the WSJ, in the person of Bret Stephens, becomes the first neocon punditorium to engage seriously with Paul on foreign policy. (My other neocon friends have tended rather toward name-calling, I regret to say.)

In the wake of last week's Iranian naval incident, and given Paul's trade-based rather than force-based internationalism, Stephens asks a fair question: are American trading vessels within the U.S. defense perimeter? And if so, may we presume that the U.S. Navy vessels that protect them will do so, in a Paul Administration, with appropriate rules of engagement?

Other presidents with (some sort of) libertarian leanings, and with little-America predilections, have faced the same dilemma: e.g. Jefferson with the Barbary Pirates: behold, he hesitated not to lob the Holy Hand Grenade toward his foes, who, being naughty in God's sight, snuffed it....