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Saturday, January 19, 2008
McCain wins South Carolina; Paul beats Giuliani -- again.

Romney comes in fourth. He has now lost every caucus or primary except in the state where his dad was governor. Hey Mitt, you like data? You got data.

Should McCain get the votes of pro-lifers? There's no one whose advice I would take on that question in preference to that of Notre Dame Law Prof. Gerard V. Bradley (who is also a battle-tested traditional marriage advocate, btw), and Prof. Bradley says definitely yes. In fact, McCain has an impressive line up of pro-life campaign advisers. Plus (as Ramesh points out), anyone who might run his judicial picks past Prof. Bradley has to be considered promising on that issue too.

Duncan Hunter has dropped out of the race. (No, I hadn't known he was still in either.) It will be time for Giuliani to follow suit soon, unless he can catch up to Ron Paul.