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Friday, February 08, 2008
Pope Benedict's first miracle: he causes the New York Times to get a Catholic-related story right!

Specifically, the NYT, unlike many other media, correctly notes that the Holy Father's revision of the Tridentine version of the Good Friday prayer for the Jews pleases neither the ADL et al. nor the rad-trads. To me, this contradictory opposition raises a strong presumption that the Holy Father has gotten it right (I mean, in addition to the presumption that he would be entitled to just because he's the Holy Father).

I admit to a little unease over setting a precedent for post-Summorum Pontificum revisions of the TLM. Plus, the old language of "veils" and "hearts" had a certain beauty; I'd have been comfortable with leaving it alone, rather than stepping into the inevitable pile of leadership by changing it.

However, I think this precedent is pretty self-limiting. Besides, the fact that the change is disliked by -- well, by the particular spokesmen who dislike it -- establishes that pleasing these spokesmen is not the agenda. And that's a good precedent.

Also, I think Fr. Z. is right that this change is important above all
for the liturgical life of the Church because the 1962 Missale Romanum is now demonstrably a living liturgical book of the Church again. It is not a museum piece or a fly in amber.