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Thursday, May 29, 2008
LOST: Ok, with the special 2-hour, socks-off-knocking, island-moving season-four finale coming up, I thought I'd aggregate some of the better fan sites and blogs for you -- and remember, it's never too late to get LOST.

Entertainment Weekly's LOST site

Dharma* Secret's Lost-n-Found

Sledgeweb's Lost...Stuff

The Washington Post's LOST site

The Tail Section

*The "Dharma Initiative" was a dodgy commercial/scientific enterprise that put down roots on the island long before the Losties' plane crashed. Most of the original DI people were massacred by a faction led by the manipulative Ben Linus, who claims -- and the claim has yet to be proved untrue -- that the island is ruled by a mysterious personage called Jacob.

We have yet to see Jacob, but an episode or two ago, the long-dead Dr. Christian Shepherd, father of one of the princpal Losties, appeared and claimed to be able to speak for Jacob.

All this while agents of Ben's archenemy, billionaire Charles Widmore, are moving in to kill him. These agents probably plan to kill everyone else on the island -- the Losties, and Ben's friends, whom the Losties call "the Others" -- yet these agents' freighter and helicopter represent the best chance for all to get off the island.

We already know that six of them will do so, and will become famous for it (and rich, b/c of the airline's settlement with them), and that Ben will too, but in secret. We do not yet know the fate of the rest. And we all want to know why dear sweet Claire, mother of the baby whom we know heroic ex-criminal Kate will raise as her own, was hanging out with Dr. Shepherd Sr. in "Jacob"'s shack, sans baby, and apparently joining him in claiming to speak for "Jacob."

* Letterman's Top Ten Signs You're Obsessed with Lost, read by Jorge Garcia (who plays Hurley) (best is #9, imo)
* Lost Bingo card for tonight. Works as drinking game too, of course.