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Friday, June 27, 2008
Latest SSPX reconciliation non-negotiations (or: "The Dwarves Refuse to be Taken In") (cross posted from Fr. Zuhlzdorf's blog, with my typos corrected):

Fr. Z. wrote:
Mistakes have been made on both sides over the years. The consecrations and continuing defiance was just plain wrong. The attitude of many in the Roman Curia and the hostility to tradition was just plain wrong.
Perhaps -- no, definitely -- Pope Paul showed poor judgment in coming down harder on traditionalist excesses than he did on liberal ones. Apart from that, however, the hostility to tradition was all at much lower curial levels. JPII and (obviously) Pope Benedict have been kind and outreaching, even while the SSPX keeps kicking them in the teeth for their pains.

I sense a bit of "moral equivalence" in the way you've formulated this, Father. "A's been wrong, B's been wrong, so let's just have a vino and go home singing the Missa de Angelis." Yeah, except in this case B just happens to be -- The Church. Moral equivalence isn't possible here.

Reconciliation would be lovely, but the SSPX is holding out for unconditional surrender. Frankly, that's what I would hold out for from the SSPX if I were Pope. Maybe that's just one of the countless reasons why I'm not Pope. If the Holy Father wants to be more generous than I would be, fine. But sooner or later the SSPX may have to reap permanently the fruits of schism.