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Monday, July 14, 2008
Dead as church, C of E is reborn as comedy troupe
A senior church leader says he would be willing to consecrate Britain’s first openly gay bishop, despite fears that such a move would further split the Anglican communion.

The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, told The Sunday Telegraph that practising homosexuals should not be barred from becoming bishops.

He accused conservative Anglicans of being “exclusive” and narrow-minded in their opposition to gay clerics.

Now I ask you. If it were a matter of wanting to keep the tacky people out and associating only with the cool and "clubbable," would that be an argument for excluding the gay guys? Come now. (And stop giggling, that's a perfectly valid expression.)

The Archbishop, who is an old friend of Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said that the Church should select people on their ability rather than discriminating against them because of their sexuality.
Goyische Kopf! All these years I've thought it was a question of the nature of human sexuality in the context of Christian anthropology and theology. Turns out it's just a two-way mulitple-choice question, and one of the "answers" is clearly a throw-away so that all of us can pass! Well pass me my ballot then!
The man at the centre of the controversy, Bishop Robinson, was set to preach in a London church. He told this paper he fears for his life
Of course he does, luv, it's part of the script. Like that time a decade and a half or so ago when a bunch of them disrupted a Christmas morning Mass at Old St. Mary's in Washington D.C. Clearly they thought their conduct would provoke physical reprisals by the congregants. When none of the worshippers rose to the (admittedly yummy) bait, some of the activists stuck to the script anway, falling to the floor and shouting "Oh oh oh you're hurting me" to no one in particular.

The Welsh archbishop, who last week chaired a meeting of the Modern Churchpeople’s Union, said that rigid dogmatism was damaging the Church.

“There used to be a generosity of spirit and diversity in the Anglican communion. There should be a backlash against this fundamentalism that has been thrust upon us.

“It is contrary to the ministry of Jesus and damaging that in the Church, we’re still fighting battles that have already been won in society."

I take it, then, that to the Modern Churchperson, the "ministry of Jesus" consists of conforming the Church to "society"; once "society" has a settled opinion, what business is it of the Church's to do anything other than fall in line instanter, and stay there? (Did William Wilberforce know that?) "Go forth and make late-capitalist consumerist citizens of all churches, baptizing them in the name of the Creating/Evolution-Managing Entity, the Redeeming-Accepting Entity, and the Empowering Entity...."

And so on, up to St. Loony up the Cream Bun and Jam....