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Sunday, July 06, 2008
Note on Jesse Helms and the right to life

I feel I should pass on something I learned about Sen. Helms from a one-time fellow Hill-staffer and pro-life activist.

Sen. Helms's mailbag (and likewise that of his equally conservative, equally pro-life colleague, Sen. John East) would occasionally toss up the sort of letter that protests these senators' pro-life stands on openly racist grounds. That is, if you can believe it, "Senator, we've got to have legal abortion, otherwise you-know-who will keep multiplying...." That's not a direct quote, but it's a summary of the sentiment. (And I'm sure longtime readers of mine know all about Margaret Sanger's views on race, and about Planned Parenthood's targeting of black neighborhoods, etc.)

To this sort of pro-choicer, as well as to the conventional kind, Sen. Helms -- who takes so much guff on the "civil rights" issue, even in death -- would reply: "This is where I stand, and if it's the issue I go home on, then I'll go home."

In the event, Sen. Helms "went home" politically only when he was good and ready. Now he has has gone home to the good Lord on the Fourth of July. And Lord, Te Martyrum innatorum candidatus laudat exercitus.