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Saturday, August 16, 2008
Actors' Equuity? Warner Bros. is postponing release of the Half-Blood Prince movie from November '08 to July '09. Why? Because summer is just the ideal time for a blockbuster release, as WB's Dark Knight shows? But they hardly needed Dark Knight to know that.

Or is it that Daniel will be in the middle of the Broadway run of Equus in November?

But wait -- wasn't he still in, or just recently out of, the West End run of Equus when Order of the Phoenix was released? So, prurient questions from the British media don't matter, but from the American media they do? Eh?

I've blogged before that Daniel's desire to establish that he's a serious stage actor is laudable, and that his choice of Equus as a vehicle for this was somewhat less so. But, whatever -- it's now a fact on the ground (as it were); get over it -- and give us the new movie in the fall, which is the natural Potter season.

P.S. Happy birthday, Evanna Lynch!