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Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Rudman, Danforth to head McCain anti-vote-fraud committee. Good choices: John Danforth has cred with everybody, and Warren Rudman has cred with Souter, if it should come to that, as with sinking horror we realize it may.

Marc Armbinder updates here on the charges and counter-charges, and a lawsuit already filed, in Michigan.

Of particular concern is ACORN, the community organizer of all community organizers, which has endorsed Obama, has long ties to him -- and his doing its voter-registration thing in its signature style. Newsmax, fwiw, quotes Danforth, from a tele-news conference:
In Colorado, ACORN registered some individuals 40 separate times. Danforth noted that the ACORN director in Ohio played this down, saying in effect just because you register somebody 35 times doesn’t mean that they get to vote 35 times. “So, a fairly cavalier attitude,” he concluded.