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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It will come down to some 500-or-so disputed ACORN-registered voters in Ohio (or PA, VA, FL, CO, NM, WI, or MO, but most likely OH).

The Republicans will file the first lawsuit (it was the Dems who did so in 2000).

The election will be in litigation through Thanksgiving at least.

It's anyone's guess whether the Supreme Court will once again consider the statutory electoral vote counting deadline of Dec. 12 to be significant. (There is grounds for hoping that the litigation does not go beyond the courts of the forum state, no matter how biased it may be. I know nothing about the present condition of the Ohio S.Ct.)

Very possibly McCain will emerge the winner because the disputed voters were blatantly ineligible, but he will take office with all the prestige editorial pages declaring this yet another illegitimate Supreme Court coup, and civil disorder on the verge of following on financial disorder, perhaps reigniting it. Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah.