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Who was Cacciaguida? See Dante's PARADISO, Cantos XV, XVI, & XVII.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008
Voice mail. Our university is significantly upgrading its voice-mail system, which will give me occasion to review my "greeting." Tell me what you think of these alternatives.

"You have reached the office Il Professore Cavaliere Cacciaguida....

1. "....I am currently in a secret meeting with the Jesuits to Counter the Reformation. If you are calling to seek my intercession with the Inquisition on behalf of a family member, you know perfectly well that can't be done. If you have any other message, please leave it after the tone."

2." ....Thanks to our new system, which allows me to check voice-mail messages on the Web, a chance now exists that I will retrieve your message. On the other hand, if you were someone I wanted to talk to, you would know to send me an e-mail message instead of calling, or you would have my cell phone number. So all I can say is, at the tone, give it a whirl and we'll see what happens."