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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Maybe she got the name of the commander in Afghanistan wrong, but she got what he said right. Biden scored brownie points by not correcting her on the name, but he saved his own butt by not insisting on his version of the general's remarks.

Palin's smile was a little too permed on for my taste, but apart from that, her style was right for her. I can imagine a lot of my friends not approvin' of all them country-western-style speakin' ways, but if that's part of letting Palin be Palin, then I still say let Palin be Palin ("Paling"?). Those who won't like it aren't voting Republican this year anyway.

Above all she was never tongue-tied and never deer-in-the-headlights. Biden, for his part, never ran off into circular postmodern rambles -- but that was because of the time limits, and you'll have noticed how often he had to refer to the time-limit lights going off.

Even the commentators (I was watching the ABC crew, with includes George Stepalloverus, who had previously pontificated that Palin couldn't afford even the teeny-weeniest mistake) were all on about both had done well, pleased their supporters, allayed doubts, etc. Translated from MSMspeak, that means Sarah kicked ass.