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Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Vatican in Bold Bid to Attract Anglicans!

Ignatius Insight explains the "personal ordinariate" concept. Apparently this will be "like the military vicariates" (and therefore not -- in case anyone was wondering -- the second personal prelature).

Commentary: Fr. Dwight Longenecker (ex-Ang); Damien Thompson, of The Daily Telegraph: Pope Opens Gates of Rome to Disaffected Anglicans; The Times (London): Anglican clergy in London and Yorkshire queuing up. John Allen catches Cardinal Kasper saying, pre-announcement, "We are not fishing in the Anglican lake." Nice being in the loop, isn't it, Friendly Ghost? The "bishop" of something called ANiC (Anglican Network in Canada; no, I haven't heard of it either) says: "I need not become a Roman Catholic to be a Catholic Christian. As an Anglican, I am a Catholic Christian." And I'm a tree; have fun. Fr. Z. posts, and comments on, the estimable ex-Anglican Fr. Rutler's commentary.

Robert Moynihan, fellow Yale grad student and indefatigable Inside the Vatican editor, explains it all, tempting your appetite with:
Rome is hoping to reunite with all those elements of the Anglican Church which still feel a deep connection with Rome and with the Catholic faith -- and is willing to take considerable pains to make those Anglicans feel comfortable when they "come over to Rome."

That is what is happening.

And quite a few people don't want that to happen....
And finally, an editorial page writer in Kansas City:
Seems as though it may be just as likely that the move to pack the Catholic church with even more conservatives just might send more liberal members of the flock looking for the nearest Episcopal sanctuary.
Ya think?