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Saturday, January 06, 2007
"It will take 200 years for women to wield as much power in politics as men, and in all areas of working life," according to some goddam commission or other.

Actually, based on present trends in college and law school enrollment and graduation, women will dominate politics and most areas of working life within about 20 years, with no further intentional public-policy intervention but merely a continuation of present trends.

It will happen soonest in the black community (Howard Law School's recent classes have been 60 to 70 percent female, and my school too has a large female majority among our Afr-Am students), but it will happen in all sectors in the U.S. Unless of course the Islamists take over first, which is not the solution I would recommend -- assuming, without deciding, that female dominance is even a problem (though it clearly is one, if you think there's any value in men providing for their families, and not just by sending in child-support checks).

It may take longer in Europe, because of the culture of permanent grad school that affects both sexes there.