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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
In Britain, MPs vote for human-animal embryos. Excerpts from the linked article:
An attempt by critics of embryo research, led by the senior Conservative Edward Leigh, to ban the technique was defeated by 336 votes to 176, as many Tory MPs on the front and backbenches sided with the Government plans.

A number of Labour MPs, among them many Catholics, lined up alongside the majority of Conservatives seeking to block the move.

Labour’s Dr Ian Gibson, a member of the Stem Cell Foundation, urged MPs not to limit scientific advances by over-regulating.

He said: "The reason we do science is we have a hunch, an idea. We want to make sure that we can take science on.

But the respected former Labour minister Sir Gerald Kaufman demanded: "How far do you go? Where do you stop? What are the limits and what are the boundaries?

"If you permit the creation of hybrid embryos now what will you seek to permit next time, even if you have no idea where it will lead."

PM Gordon Brown and Tory Leader David Cameron both backed hybrid embryos (i.e. they voted nay, against the amendment restricting such research). However:
[T]he All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group, which spearheaded the opposition to hybrid embryos, vowed to fight on throughout the Bill's remaining stages.

The majority of the shadow cabinet - including shadow foreign secretary William Hague and shadow home secretary David Davis - also backed the ban. [Emphasis added]

And a vote on abortion is coming up tonight, on whether to lower the legal limit from its present 24-week mark.

The All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group