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Monday, July 14, 2008
Conversation chez Cacciaguida: player pianos

CACCIADELIA: She [local friend] has the song on a paper that makes a piano play it.
ELINOR: You mean a piano roll?
CACCIADELIA: I think so, yeah.
CACCIAGUIDA: Those used to be really popular, before gramophones and victrolas became widespread.
ELINOR: They still are. At least, I still see piano rolls for sale on E-bay.
CACCIAGUIDA: Piano rolls? I'm surprised. I know there are "automatic" pianos now, for cocktail lounges and the like, but they're computerized.
ELINOR: Remember the one at the hotel where Zorak and the Old Oligarch had their wedding rehearsal?
CACCIAGUIDA: Not likely to forget it. I emerged into the lounge and found an invisible pianist playing Phantom of the Opera.
CACCIADELIA [now a huge Phantom fan]: Phantom of the Opera? Really?
CACCIAGUIDA: Mm hm. "Music of the Night" and "All I Ask of You."
How appropriate.
You have no idea.