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Wednesday, November 05, 2008
Jim Geraghy has a nice post on Palin's future at NRO. Question: should she go for a Senate seat or not? I'd have said yes -- gravitas, national exposure, all that -- but Geraghty says no: too many opportunities to make enemies and alienate constituencies, too many chances to "vote for it before you vote against it."

Besides, even though we've just come through an election in which both major parties nominated sitting U.S. Senators, and several Allen Drury novels notwithstanding, sliding directly from the Senate into the Presidency is very rare. It's been done precisely twice: Harding, and JFK. We usually choose our Presidents from among sitting and former governors.

Another good Geraghty point: the lady's 44! That's about 19 in politician-years! (Old enough to be qualified, but only just!) Why should she be bruited about for 2012? Give her time to mature into the leader she has shown she can be.