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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

He [von Stauffenberg] acted not only out of patriotism but also as a member of an aristocratic caste whose sense of honour had been upset by SS thuggery and the incompetence of Hitler.

The Germans were sure, in advance of the premiere, that Cruise wasn't up to the job.

I doubt my view will be any different. I am Ve. Ry. Par. Tic. U. Lar. about how the German Widerstandbewegung (resistance movement), which I love personally as well as politically, is portrayed. I haven't yet seen Valkyrie; I probably will, just in case she wants to talk about it next time we e-mail.

EDITED TO ADD: I've now seen a trailer and a brief interview. The story, of course, is un-ruinable, but it seems the movie has enough lame lines in it almost to do the job. And I'm talking, of course, about lines that the marketers chose for the trailers as the ones most likely to reel in an audience. Even setting to one side the inexplicable variance of English and American accents among the (of course Germanophone) heros, they seem to talk in hero-movie cliches that would have been embarrassing in the '50s.

Some viewers may enjoy watching David "Mr. Collins" Bamber as Hitler. Terence Stamp (General Zod in Superman, Chancellor Valorum in the first Star Wars prequel) is cast as Ludwig Beck, and Stamp enhances any cast -- but he doesn't look like Beck. And Ambassador von Hassell was, it appears from the IMDB cast list, deemed unnecesssary to this particular retelling.

[Folds arms, breathes in slowly; gaze conveys readiness for an explanation but no expectation of receiving one; ice crystals form around eyes and lips; "tief in des Busens Berge glimmt nur noch lichtlose Glut."]

FURTHER EDITED TO ADD: Take a stand for a non-personal reason? Whatever for? :)
(Sorry, folks, that one was just for Eve, and Snape.)