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Monday, February 23, 2009
New Archbishop of New York is present Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Dolan.

Dolan was sent into Milwaukee to clean up after Rembert Weakland when the latter was as close to fired as a bishop can get. As I recall, Dolan's record in Milwaukee, though not a 100% turnaround, has been good.

The Catholic League has sent out a press release of delight.

John Allen's typically informative one-hand-other-hand piece is here.

I just watched Dolan's press conference, and he handles the media brilliantly. Asked about declining numbers of faithful in the Church (allow me to piece this together fresh from memory), he replied:
Well, we bishops do have to be realistic about that. I don't know if you saw the recent Pew study -- all religions, not just the Catholic Church. But yes, we have to be realistic. Now, there's also growth, thanks be to God; the Cardinal was telling me about the RCIA programs, the new parishes, the new schools that have to be built here in the Archdiocese. But yes, there are problems, and there have been -- it's the Church historian in me -- there've been problems going back to the age of the Acts of the Apostles, since right after Our Lord went back to rejoin His Heavenly Father. It's something all bishops are concerned about.
Sounds like his mind runs on the right track.

Now, then -- a vacancy in Milwaukee. Say, isn't that where Bruskewitz is from, before he was made a bishop and sent to Lincoln, NE? Who better to complete the post-Weakland turnaround? As for Lincoln, surely one of its own senior priests is ready to take over as bishop?