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Monday, July 06, 2009
USA Today says: Top Republicans puzzled by Palin's abrupt resignation.

You know somethng? Top Republicans puzzle easily.

Besides that, the article simply doesn't back up its hedder. It devotes its second and third grafs to Sen. Chuck Grassley -- who has been puzzling top Republicans since he first took his Senate seat in 1979. After that, it cites various Republicans who are backing Palin up and seeking her out as a campaigner.

Only at the end does the piece find three Republicans whom it can quote as something other than Palin backers. Only one of them -- Karl Rove -- is credible, as speaking from a detached point of view (he hasn't been hired by any other candidate yet, has he?) The other two are Mike Huckabee, Palin's obvious bitter rival for the Evangelical vote, and Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a scratch-your-eyes-out Palin-hater ever since Palin beat Murkowski's daddy in a gubernatorial primary.

But of course, we sophisticates all know to laugh when Sarah blames the media....