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Friday, June 18, 2010
Developments on this blog


The fact that I haven't posted in a while does not mean this blog is going out of service. When you have a blog that started in 2002 -- back when people still said "A blog? What's that?" -- you don't pull the plug on it lightly. And I really have no reason to pull the plug on it at all.

So why the light posting? Basically, it's that I've been doing a lot of writing under other names in other fora. The 'net has expanded so as to create such opportunities.

Though I started this blog to be about pretty much everything I'm interested in, I will probably refocus it on its core competencies, which I see as being Catholicism (including Catholic history and current Church matters), and Medieval Studies.

I am also considering bringing on co-bloggers: both fictional (like me) and real. I've been in conversation with a fictional character inspired by Alberich in Act II of Wagner's SIEGFRIED, called Anders Alsdummeriesen. He's not the most soothing individual, but I think you'll be amused by his candor and wry humor. As for the realies -- it's hard to get them to work with you when you're fictional, but there are some possibilities.

Another unresolved issue: physical layout. At the beginning, it was my greatest pride that on arriving at this blog, readers would notice that it bore a physical resemblance to Eve Tushnet's. I'm still proud of that, and for that reason, I may not change it at all. Otoh, Blogger is making template-fussing easier these days, so who knows.

Many of you may have fallen out of the habit of checking this blog "manually," but I take it the technology of the blogosphere has developed since I founded it -- RSS feeds, Google Reader, etc. -- so I may hope that the mere fact that I've posted something will alert some of you to the fact that I've posted something.

If so, then do comment. Knowing you're out there will make a difference in how much time I, Anders, and andere Leute will put into it.